small washer and dryer

small washer and dryer

If you are living in a flat and you lack space, you need a small washer and dryer. It’s a nice option to preserve some space and to gain quality from a simple machine. You will still be able to do your laundry, and you won’t have to give up on some other furniture items. Best portable washer and dryer combo is righly considere a best solution!

Some people choose such a set to install it in the kitchen — it’s one of the most popular ways to install a small washer and dryer in an apartment and to free the space in the bathroom. In such a case, you don’t have a basement or a specific place, so the kitchen is a reasonable choice. Such a solution is also reasonable if you rent an apartment.

But is there anything you should know about a small washer and dryer before purchasing? Below you can find out more about such options, as the models, the sizes of a small washer and dryer, and whether you can buy a simple model, but of a small size.

What is the smallest full-size washer and dryer?

There are various categories of small washer and dryer, usually two types, standard and compact. If you want to purchase a standard machine, you can find the smallest available. Such an option is good when you lack space, but you are not completely limited to it. The most compact among the standard ones that you can find is 68 cm wide (both items – dryer and washer). The depth is standard and won’t be different from a small washer and dryer, which is usually 68 cm as well.

If you are thinking about placing two standard items one near another, you need at least 136 cm. If you compare it with a small washer and dryer, where each item is 60 cm, you need around 120 cm of free space.

If you can’t find a small washer and dryer, you can always choose two items of a standard size, but of the possible option. You can also consider the idea of placing one item on top of the other if it’s achievable. If you can purchase a special kit that fits those two items you are about to buy, then you can safely place a dryer on top of the washer, or vice versa. But usually, such machines are called stackable, so pay attention when buying them. If a combination is not stackable, it will be dangerous to put one on top of others.

small washer and dryer combo

What is a compact washer and dryer?

A compact model is smaller than a full-sized model, and it could be placed in a space-limited room. Such models are less powerful, but they can be very helpful for people who either rent or have small flats and can’t place a bigger model. They are no different from standard ones in terms of mechanics, but they are smaller.

A small washer and dryer usually has a smaller load, but it will be useful for the family of two, maximum of three people. Manufacturers produce special combinations that can be placed one on top of another, meaning that you need around 60 cm of space only.

What is the smallest size washing machine?

small washer and dryer for small spaces

It is believed that the smallest washer you can find is around 90/55/55 cm. You can find smaller machines; there are even portable washing machines. Such an option is equipped with a vertical drum, meaning it has a load on top of the machine. In such a case, you won’t be able to put a dryer on top of it, and if you are still planning to purchase it, you will have to place it near the washer.

If you are interested in placing a small washer and dryer combination at your home, it’s better to think about such a set. First, you won’t need to put one item on top of others since the combination of two items is more compact than standard-sized items. Second, even though the price for two items will be higher, if you compare this purchase to buying two items separately, you will notice that it’s cheaper.

When choosing a model, consider at least two factors — compatibility with your flat, and the operating quality. Acting in this way you will buy the best possible combination.

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