Mini Washer and dryer

Mini washer and dryer

Residents of megacities know that every square meter of the apartment is very valuable. The insufficient area of urban flat in a residential building becomes a particularly acute problem when it comes to the placement of washing and drying machines.

It is important to consider that such equipment can not be placed in any room. One needs an area with access to the mains and sewer pipes. Therefore, in some situations, a washer is a luxury available only for large and spacious apartments. How to solve this problem correctly? If you do not want to use the laundry services constantly, we have a solution! A mini washer and dryer are the most efficient household appliances suitable even for the smallest bathrooms or kitchens in tiny apartments, dormitories, and whether it is a motor home. Let’s answer some common questions about portable washer and dryer.

What is the smallest full size washer and dryer?

Before we talk about mini washer and dryer, let’s look at the TOP 3 of the smallest full-size device. It should be noted that, as a rule, its drying department works exclusively from the mains. You should not expect extended functionality from these tiny mechanisms. Today there are three models, which belong to this category, but at the same time have the minimum dimensions for their class. Let’s get to know them. The dimensions will be indicated in parentheses (Width * Depth * Height). Please note that the dimensions correspond to the pair, so, they include the dimensions of both the spiral machine and the dryer:

  1. Miele W1/T1 (59.69х85.09х64.4 centimeters). The best option for washing delicate items.
  2. Samsung WW22K6800AW (60х89х69 centimeters). Powerful engine provides maximum speed. The longest wash lasts 40 minutes.
  3. Bosch WAT28402UC (59.6х84.4х63.5 centimeters). This model features the significant option AquaStop Plus for protection against water leaks.
mini washer and dryer combo

What is the best mini washer?

Let’s reveal the best mini washer and dryer. According to recent expert polls, the best mini washer and dryer is Costway. This is the most efficient version of today’s market. This Costway mini washer and dryer is ideal for dormitories, mobile homes, tiny apartments. The device weighs only 11 feet. The presented technique is as simple as possible; there are no additional options or special functions. It can even be placed under or near the sink/bathtub. This mini washer and dryer measures just 35.5*30*50.8 centimeters. Due to such dimensions, the device can be taken with you during business trips, travel and trips. A small amount of laundry is placed in the drum, but you can release several loadings. It is possible to adjust the duration and set a timer. After completing work, drain the water through the special hole and hose located below. Do not forget to turn off your device.

Can you have a washer and dryer without hookups?

mini washer and dryer for apartments

Some modern flats do not have special engineering communications outputs, allowing to install a washer. Mini washer and dryer will help in this situation. Mini washer and dryer operate from a conventional wall outlet. Thanks to the battery, the mini device can be installed even without hookups near the sink, bathroom or, in extreme cases, in the restroom. For this reason, when choosing, give preference to mini washer and dryer with batteries. Mini washer and dryer are very compact; therefore, they fit easily a kitchen table, sink or chair (if you don’t have the opportunity to install mechanics on the floor). After all the above, we can draw the following conclusion: a mini washer and dryer is ideal for small apartments and travel. Pick up the best washing unit and it will easily become your favorite home assistant.

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